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Single Cell Li-Battery PWM Charger and Power System Management IC

  • Battery Management

o Operation Voltage:2.9V~6.3V (AMR-0.3V~15V)
o Configurable Intelligent Power Select system
o Current and voltage limit of adaptive USB or AC adapter input
o The resistance of internal ideal diode lower than 100mΩ

  • Full-integrated Charger

o Max Charge Current up to 1.8A
o Battery temperature monitor
o Support USB-Compatible charger
o High precision as 0.5%
o support 4.1V/4.15V/4.2V/4.36V battery
o Charging process control automatically
o LED driver to indication the charging status
o Auto adjust the charging current according to the system load

  • Backup Battery

o Provide power to RTC module by using the backup battery
o Integrated an backup battery charger

  • 2 Synchronous Duck DC-DC

o DC-DC1 : PWM Charger
o DC-DC2 : 1.6A ,with Voltage from 0.7V to 2.275V and 25mV/step,

   supporting Voltage Ramp Control(VRC)
o DC-DC3 : 1.2A with Voltage from 0.7V to 3.5V and 25mV/step

  • 5 Low-dropout Linear Regulator(LDO)

o LDO1:Always-on 30mA LDO1
o LDO2:200mA Low Noise with voltage from 1.8V to 3.3V and 100mV/step
o LDO3:200mA with Voltage from 0.7V to 3.5V and 25mV/step
o LDO4:200mA Low Noise with voltage from 1.8V to 3.3V and 100mV/step
o LDO5:50mA Low Noise with voltage from 1.8V to 3.3V and 100mV/step
NOTE: VRC,Voltage Ramp Control

  • Signal Capture

o built-in 16 channel 12 Bit ADC
o 4 external input channels
o Built-in high precision coulomb counter and fuel-gauge system
o Wealthily power information,such as the real-time power dissipation (mA or mW),

   remaining battery status(% or mAh)and remaining battery or charging time
o Low power warning and protection
o Provide temperature information of chip

  • Host Interface

o Host can exchange data with processor by TWSI
o Flexibility to configure the interrupt management
o Multi-function GPIO can be set to IO,PWM,current sink and other function
o Built-in timer
o Four registers can be used to save the data when system shutdown

  • System Management

o Soft reset or hardware reset
o Support soft shutdown or hardware shutdown, and external wakeup
o Monitoring output voltage, self-diagnostic function
o PWROK is used for system reset
o External power source detect (insert/remove/lack of driving capacity )
o Soft start
o Over voltage protection /under voltage protection (OVP/UVP)
o Over current protection (OCP)
o Over temperature protection (OTP)
o Support OTG VBUS power state setting/monitoring

  • Fully Integration

o high precision internal Reference Voltage 0.5%
o Built-in MOSFET


AXP202 is designed to be a highly-integrated power system management IC that is optimized for applications requiring single-cell Li-battery (Li- Ion/Polymer) and multiple output DC-DC converters. It is offering an easy-to-use and flexible complete solution which can fully meet the increasingly complexity of accurate power control required by modern application processor system.

 AXP202 comprises an adaptive USB-Compatible PWM charger, 2 BUCK DC-DC converters, 5 LDOs, multiple 12-bit ADCs of voltage, current and temperature as well as 4 configurable GPIOs. To guarantee the safty and stability of power system, AXP202 has integrated various protection circuits such as Over voltage Protection(OVP)/Under voltage Protection(UVP) ,Over temperature protection(OTP),Over current protection(OCP).

With Intelligent Power Select, IPS™ circuits, AXP202 can distribute power safely and transparently among external AC-adapter, Li-battery and loaded application system, and it can still work normally when there is no battery (deeply discharged/infective battery) but only external input power source.

 The AXP202 provides a small, simple solution for obtaining power from three different power sources, single-cell Li-Ion battery, USB port, and AC-adapter, and it can support rechargable backup battery too. To ensure compatibility with a wide range of system processors,
AXP202 uses a Two Wire Serial Interface (TWSI),through which application processor is capable of enabling/disabling power rails, programming voltage, visiting internal registers as well as measurement data (including Fuel Gauge). With the power monitoring results of high precision (1%, determined by the 1% BIAS resistance), end users will be always posted with the real-time power consumption, which can bring them an unprecedented experiences of power management.

  • Handhold mobile devices

    Smart cell phone, PMP/MP4, digital camera, handhold navigation devices GPS, PDA, digital broadcast TV receiver

  • MID(Mobile internet device)

  • Digital photo Frame,portable DVD player,  UMPC,  and  UMPC-like ,Learning machine

  • Application Processor systems

  • Otherbatteryandmulti-power applications

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