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Highly integrated PMIC with 5 DC/DC Buck Converters and 10 LDOs

  • 3.0V~5.5V Input Operating Range
  • 25uA Off-Mode Current
  • 5 Buck DC/DC Step Down Converters

      - DCDC-A:PFM/PWM dual mode,0.6V~1.1V adjustable,10mV/step;1.12V~1.52V,20mV/step,output current 2.5A
      - DCDC-B:PFM/PWM dual mode,scaling in 1.0-2.55V,50mV/step,output current 2.5A,DVM
      - DCDC-C:PFM/PWM dual mode,0.6V~1.1V adjustable,10mV/step;1.12V~1.52V,20mV/step,output current 2.5A
      - DCDC-D:PFM/PWM dual mode,0.6V~1.5V adjustable,20mV/step;1.6V~3.3V,100mV/step,output current 1.5A
      - DCDC-E:PFM/PWM dual mode,scaling in 1.1V~3.4V,100mV/step,output current 1.5A

  • 10 LDOs

      - ALDO1:scaling in 0.7~3.3V, 100mV/step,output current 300mA
      - ALDO2:scaling in 0.7~3.3V, 100mV/step,output current 300mA
      - BLDO1:scaling in 0.7V~1.9V,100mV/step,output current 400mA
      - BLDO2:scaling in 0.7V~1.9V,100mV/step,output current 300mA
      - BLDO3:scaling in 0.7V~1.9V,100mV/step,output current 200mA
      - BLDO4:scaling in 0.7V~1.9V,100mV/step,output current 200mA
      - CLDO1:scaling in 0.7V~3.3V,100mV/step,output current 400mA
      - CLDO2:0.7V~3.4V adjustable,100mV/step;3.6V~4.2V,200mV/step,output current 300mA
      - CLDO3:scaling in 0.7V~3.3V,100mV/step;output current 200mA

  • System Management

      - Support TWSI(Two Wire Serial Interface),address is 0x6C/0x6D

        or 0x6E/0x6F
      - Support RSB(Reduced Serial Bus) interface,address is

      - Internal Over-Temperature-Protection(OTP)
      - Internal output voltage monitor for 5 DCDC converters
      - Internal output PWROK signal
      - Provides power-on and power-off key
      - Internal on-off switch with the internal ideal resistence of 90 mΩ
      - Programmable power on voltage and sequence

  • 56 pin,7x7mm2 QFN Package

AXP155 is a highly integrated power management IC targeting at 5V power source applications that requires multi-channel regulator outputs.It provides up to 7.5A current output through tri-phase Buck,and can comprise a battery powered total solution together with battery manage unit(BMU).

AXP155 integrates 5-ch step-down converters Buck converter, 10-ch LDOs. To ensure the security and stability of the power system,AXP155 provides protection circuit such as OVP,UVP,OTP and OCP.In addition,AXP155 embraces a fast interface for system to dynamically adjust output voltage.

AXP155 is available in 7mm x 7mm 56-pin QFN package


·  STB

·  OTT Box

·  Tablet

·  Mini PC

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